Providing behavior intervention services since 1983!

Howard Chudler & Associates Inc. began providing services to the regional center system in 1983. In the early stages, more emphasis was placed on services such as counseling, drug and alcohol intervention and other educational supports. A couple years later, we began providing behavior intervention services utilizing a focused model of ABA. Our services and outreach efforts have been designed to work with families, individuals, insurance providers, school districts, and other entities as a cost efficient and effective alternative to more traditional intensive ABA programs.

We endeavor to maintain an up-to-date connection with the latest technologies and ideas occurring in the field. Evidence-based interventions are a primary goal for us and we attempt to use methodology that has been proven and supported by research.

Though certainly grounded in behavioral principles, Howard Chudler & Associates includes staff that have been trained in such fields as: Marriage and Family Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Clinical Social Work. While this is not a psychotherapy program, staff has access to support from management individuals who have skills and training in these areas when the questions/challenges related to these fields inevitably arise.

Why Choose Us?


Individual Sensitivity

Clients and families change and evolve. We believe in an intervention style that is flexible and adjusted to meet the variations faced. We place emphasis of being sensitive to cultural/language needs with a very strong emphasis on a “non-cookie cutter” approach. Individualized interventions are a priority.


Focused Intervention

Programs focus on the most challenging behavior excesses or deficits to help improve the lives of clients and those they interact with.


On-going Support

Our staff and directors are always available to and address questions and concerns. We are available 24/7 for support and to assist with processing a crisis situation.

Featured Services

In-Home ABA

ABA and intervention services with parent training to address challenging behaviors

Campus Life

Assistance for individuals with conditions such as autism or Intellectual Disability in a post-secondary institution

School Based Intervention

In-home Behavior Services

We work with clients and their families in the natural environment of the home or public settings, very rarely in our offices. In-home interventions allow us to work through situations and behavior as they happen in real settings rather than with simulated events. We can observe the natural reactions, interactions, motivators and triggers that can affect the individual and the intervention program. 

Commonly Addressed Behaviors


Aggressive or Self-injurious Behaviors

Inappropriate Sexual Behavior


Poor Social Skills

Poor Safety Awareness

Stages of Services

Stage 1: Referrals -- Simply contact our offices. From there we will help guide you through the next steps; school, regional center or insurance contacts.

Stage 2: Assessment -- An interventionist will conduct a functional assessment to learn history, define the challenging behaviors, and develop a treatment plan.

Stage 3: Ongoing Treatment -- A specialist and manager will be assigned based on the individual’s needs to help meet the goals and initiate parent training. Modifications will be done as needed and we also endeavor to work with other professionals involved in other services/supports the client receives.

Stage 4: Discharge -- This is a team decision based primarily on the client need and progress that has been made and the existence of an environment that can maintain program gains.